Where to Buy Barbells – This One! No, That One! Nope, Here We Go Again

The title may sound a bit juvenile, considering we all know the answer, “Where to buy barbells?” THE STORE or… ONLINE! Right you are to shout that out, but how much research on a bar did you do? Have you ever researched a product so much that when you’re ready to make a purchase you forgot where you were, or which online store had the best price?

I sometimes tend to be a bit of a research nut…okay, most the time, if not all the time. I will research a product until my wife thinks I am obsessed. I am, I am obsessed with wanting to be 100%, or at least as close to it, certain that is the product I want to spend my hard-earned cash on. And you should be too, unless of course you have it like that.

Now if you researched that much and went to so many websites that you forgot which store had the best prices, there are ways around that. You could dig through your PC History (yawn), you could Bookmark web pages as you visit them, or open a new tab or window for every web page you visit. Here we are going to go over a couple main staples of places of where to buy barbells. You may love them or hate them, or you may never of heard of them and this will give you something to research. Your Welcome!

Where to Buy

No more delay, let’s get started.

  • Dickssportinggoods.com
    • Ahh, got ya… You thought I was going to put Rogue Fitness or Body Solid Olympic Bar or something like that… Nope, when you figure a chain has thousands of physical store fronts across America and online shopping center, it’s not always obvious who sells a lot of barbells
  • Wal-Mart……
    • Come on man! Really?! Walmart? Yes, Wally world. They too sell weightlifting gear.
  • Amazon
    • Come on what DOESN’T Amazon sell. I’m sure they will be selling husbands and wives here in the next decade (cross your fingers they don’t, I have been factious before and it’s turned into reality)

OK, OK, OK. Let’s talk real places to buy now, although the above do offer budget friendly barbells, but usually quality suffers with the lower price.

Rogue Fitness

Rogue has steadily become an authority in barbells. And it is hard to argue with Rogue’s barbells as they are heavily reviewed, and reviewed well. They are found in many, if not every Crossfit box, as well as many garage gyms across America, Europe, and Australia.

Some of their flagship bars include:

  • Rouge Bar 2.0
  • Ohio Bar
    • Multiple variations
  • B&R Bar
  • Chan Bar

There are many others, including economical options starting around $195 (Echo Bar) all the way up to $769 (Rogue Russian Bar). Rogue offers many other bars, including Eleiko bars and specialty bars. The purpose for this section was Rogue bars only. Visit their site to view all options (which may take a while).

Fringe Sport

Fringe Sport may not have the exact variety that Rogue Fitness offers, but they offer a couple really nice barbells including:

  • Men’s 20kg and Women’s 15kg WonderBar V2
  • Bomba Barbell
  • Hybrid Barbell

Fringe Sport also offers other bars including Power Bars and Olympic Weightlifting Bars. Prices are very economical when compared to other companies. Definitely worth the look! And did I mention FREE SHIPPING on their bars?


  • Space City Barbell
  • WOD Barbell
    • 2 Needle bearings and 2 bushings, give this bar the hybrid wanted for Crossfit workouts. Hence the name.
  • Rocket Bar
    • Bushing bar with dual marks for Olympic lifting and powerlifting
  • Stealth Bar
    • 8 Needles, 2 bushings

American Barbell

American Barbell is an outstanding company with very well reviewed customer service. Their prices may be a bit higher than some of their competition, but you’re paying for product quality and wonderful customer service. They have many options when it comes to equipment, and their barbells are no different. In fact, they have their barbells divided into 5 categories:

  1. Functional
    1. California Bar $335 (for giggles go to American Barbell, look up the American Barbell Training Bar and read the reviews, the second one down… the craziest barbell review I ever read)
  2. Olympic
    1. A few choices in this category including the Stainless Steel bar. Price ranges from $295 to $675.
    2. May be a bit pricey, but the quality is well worth it and they constantly have 5star reviews on their products
  3. Powerlifting
    1. Price range under this category is $250 to $550
    2. AB Mammoth Power Bar
      1. 29mm bar diameter
      2. Cerakote finish
      3. 210k tensile strength
      4. stainless steel
      5. bushing
  4. T-Grip
  5. Technique
  6. Specialty
    1. Hex Bar
    2. Camber Bar
    3. Safety Squat Bar

They have many great choices under each category. Bars with very nice specs and very well reviewed as well.

Vulcan Strength

Vulcan Strength offers barbells with similar specifications to every other company out there, what has them make my list is I enjoy their products. They have plenty of options when it comes to barbells including:

  • Training barbells
  • Olympic barbells
    • Vulcan Pro Bearing Olympic Barbells
      • 4 German needle bearings per sleeve
      • 225 K tensile strength (verified)
      • IWF specs
      • Chrome plated
  • Powerlifting barbells
    • Vulcan Powerlifting Barbell
      • 29 mm diameter
      • 196k PSI tensile strength
      • bright zinc
  • Techniques barbells

Their bushing bars use, I quote, “the Oilite Bushing, which is a trademarked product made only in the USA. It is made of a porous bronze material that holds oil. This is the benefit of the Oilite because as the bushing spins, it oils itself.

They also use Needle bearings or composite bushings and their bars are made in the U.S.A.!

Other Shopping Opportunities

There are many brands, types, and different specification built barbells. You could spend ages searching for the right one. Here are a couple other brands of barbells you might be interested in:

Body Solid Olympic Bar

  • Dicks
  • Academy
  • Target
  • BodySolid.com
  • Amazon

Titan Fitness

  • Titan.Fitness
  • Amazon

CAP Barbell

CAP barbell is a great starter barbell for anyone, and can be found in a flurry of places, including the following:

  • Capbarbell.com
  • Amazon
  • Walmart.com


As stated before, there are many brands, types, and different specification built barbells. You could spend ages searching for the right one, or you could go to countless gyms trying each different barbell out.

Figure out what you want your barbell for. Is it for powerlifting, Olympic style lifting, or both in a Crossfit type workout? Answer these questions first, then go research some of these barbells mentioned above and find your fit! Good luck!

Any thoughts? Do you have a particular company you enjoy shopping and possibly their barbells that you want to mention? Leave your comments below and let us know.





One thought on “Where to Buy Barbells – This One! No, That One! Nope, Here We Go Again

  1. OMG… I never realized there was so much information on Barbells. It’s not my thing, but I believe in learning new things… even if I don’t get into whatever is offered or it’s just not my thing. I didn’t realize there was so many different types (weights and sizes – yes).
    Thanks for educating me!

    1. Yes! There is a lot of information, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. I appreciate your honesty, and it’s always good to learn something new everyday!

  2. Hey, there’s a lot of information here about barbells here. I used to go to the gym but where I am living now there are no gyms near by. I am thinking of getting some gym equipment to buy at the convenient time.

    1. @Nickoy

      If you are looking for gym equipment to order, and you have nothing to very little…look into a barbell & bumper plate set. It will be cheaper than ordering separately.

      Don’t forget (if funds are low and there are no gyms) there are always body weight calisthenics and weight training you can do with no cost to you!

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