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The Rogue Fitness has become and is a household name to many. Rogue,  founded in 2007 by owner Bill Henniger, produces and sells a variety of fitness and conditioning equipment that includes barbells, steel & bumper plates, racks, rigs and squat stands, and other equipment for Crossfit and weightlifting. Rogue takes pride in their work and they educate and market their products very well making Rogue fitness equipment some of the most sought after in the market.

rogue-power-rackRogue Rigs, Racks, and Squat Stands

Here we will delve deeper into Rogue’s large assortment of Rigs, Racks and Squat Stands. Rigs are great for Crossfit boxes but there are a couple options for home gyms.

Rogue has some very nice options for power racks. Yes, they have the basic power rack but, like most of their products, they have options. Power rack with storage, yup, you better believe it.

Rogue Squat Stands. Squat stands are basically half a power rack these days and Rogue does have choices here as well.

Rogue Barbells

When it comes to your one stop shop for barbells, look no further than Rogue. Well, you should look at other competitors becuase the more you know the more accurate you can be in your decision-making process.

With that said, after you look and research Rogue, I believe you will be settled and confident that you will be getting a quality bar. Rogue Barbells have plenty of user reviews with very positive reviews.

  • Rogue Ohio Bar

Rogue Bumper Plates

My favorite part of any company. Rogue Fitness offers more than a few choices for purchasing bumper plates. Rogue bumper plates are some of my favorites, but by no means are the end all, say all. But look into these and you might just find your next set of bumpers.

  • Rogue HG 2.0 Bumper Plates

Rogue Fitness Gear

Rogue Fitness Gear is anything other than the other categories on this page. Here we talk about rig/rack accessories, sleds, prowlers, boxes, rings, etc.

This is not an all-inclusive section. Rogue has SO MUCH gear that to list it all would make the name of this website,, and its not.

  • Rogue Matador
  • Rogue Rings
  • Rogue Boxes

Rogue Fitness Apparel

Rogue offers so much in terms of fitness equipment and accessories that it only makes sense, that with such a brand name, to create Rogue Fitness Apparel line. We will touch upon some apparel products here.

  • Rogue T-shirts

One and Done? Not My Suggestion, But Not Far Off

To anyone, Rogue Fitness can be a one stop shop. They offer everything with Rogue Fitness Equipment (barbells, bumper plates, rigs, racks and squat stands) and other Rogue gear and apparel. With as much as they offer you could spend weeks and months just looking at all of their stuff. But don’t stop here, look at other companies and compare. You might just find yourself back at Rogue because they offer great quality with their products.





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