Olympic Bar And Weight Set – A Match Made in the Gym!

Have you done any shopping online for an Olympic bar and weight set? I mean you can buy an Olympic bar and then you could buy some weights, but the best economical choice for many out there is to buy them together. Companies usually  give decent discounts when you pair one of their bars with a set of their weights, and who can blame them? It’s a business like any other, the more they sell the longer they stay up and running and the better the prices usually get for you and me.

Matching Can Be Important – Don’t Rely on Chance

A match made in Heaven, or maybe just the gym. Some websites out there allow for different types of barbells to be matched with different sets of bumper plates. Make sure you do your research and the following:

  • Find a bar that suits your needs/wants
  • Find the best pair of bumper plates that go with what you are wanting to do
    1. What do you want to do? Workout outside or inside, or both?
    2. Like bounce or a dead bounce?

What’s More Important – The Bar or the Bumpers?

Which came first the chicken or the egg? What’s more important the barbell or the bumpers? The answer is, “Yes!” They are both very important and both deserve the same amount of your time and attention prior to purchasing them.

Different types of barbells

Barbells will, obviously, be the exponent here that the weights get lifted with. There is a lot more than just making sure your barbell is strong. Read our article here on different types of barbells.


The bumper plates will be the defining factor in the increase of muscles, your strength, your size, and your endurance. You need to think carefully of what type of investment you’re willing to make. Think of some of these questions:

  • Are you looking to get a quick set and it doesn’t matter if they last 6 months or a year?
  • Wanting something that possibly performs outdoors?
  • Are we working out in limited space that requires that our bar and weights do not go out a certain amount of square footage?

Top Couples on the Market

Couples that Train Together, Stay Together!

The following are a few of the many, many, barbell and bumper plate sets out there on the market. (This is not all-inclusive and is not meant to be)

  • Rogue Fitness – offers a couple choices for Olympic barbells and weight sets on their website. Here’s a breakdown of our favorites:
    • Warrior Bar & Bumper Set
      • Rogue Ohio Bar
      • 320 lb Rogue HG Bumper Set
      • 195 lb Rogue Steel Plate Set
      • Set of HG 2.0 Collars
      • $1,225 but Free Shipping
    • Alpha, Bravo, Charlie Bar & Bumper Set
      • All come with the trademark Rogue Ohio Bar
      • Alpha = 320 lb / $795; Bravo = 230 lb / $668 ; Charlie = 160 lb / $570
      • Free Shipping
    • Rogue’s Rigs & Racks allows you to buy any squat stand or power rack or rig and add a bar and Olympic weights, even a bench. The upside with this option is it allows you to deck out your entire garage gym essentials in one order while saving on shipping.


  • Vulcan Strength
    • Vulcan strength doesn’t have named options as Rogue does. But what they do offer is a 160 KG Competition Bumper Plates & Bar Set
      • This set give the option of choosing any of Vulcan’s 16 barbells (at a discount compared to just buying the barbell itself)
      • 160 KG Competition Bumpers. Read more on these bumpers in this article.
      • Other options are available to add to this Bar & Plate package at discounted rates, such as:
        • Specialty Barbells 5-15% off
        • Benches and Squat Stands 7-10% off
        • Weightlifting Platforms 7% off
      • You also have 4 different options for collars if you so choose.
    • They also have a pick up in warehouse set of 305lb Bar & Bumper package for only $526.14. But…..we all don’t live within driving distance of Charlotte, NC. For those who do….. Dilly, dilly (damn commercial)


  • American Barbell
    • I enjoy their products but their website can be difficult to maneuver. They do offer some sets, however, for the most current pricing I would contact their Customer Support 888-473-0108.


  • Again Faster ( X Training Equipment)
    • They offer one barbell and bumper set. A 320 lb Elite Competition Bumper Set & 20kg Elite Bearing Bar – $1,199.00
      • Free Shipping
      • Plates are IWF standard 450mm in diameter, chrome plated steel disc inserts and a 50.5mm collar opening
      • 5 year warranty
      • Minimal bounce
  • Fringe SportOFW-bar-and-bumper-plate-set
    • Fringe Sport is becoming one of my more favorite spots to shop. At first, I will admit, I thought they were just trying to copy cat Rogue. The more I research their stuff and read users reviews, its hard not to at least, give them a chance.
    • They have 3 Barbell & Bumper Plate Sets, as follows:
      • Bar & Black Bumpers – $478 to $988
      • Bar & Contrast Bumpers – $488 to $1,048
      • Bar & Color Bumper Sets – $518 to $1,138
        • Some may not like the color scheme of Fringe’s colored bumpers, non-competition-fringesport-colored-bumpersbut these guys are not concerned with IWF color specifications. They are a focused Crossfit niche supplier who are more impressed by a Fran time than the IWF and their standards. (Disclaimer: This obviously is just my opinion 😉


  • GetRx’dget rx_d
    • I was not able to see any packages available on their website; however, that does not mean they will not work with you. Reach out to their support (713-460-8188 or Sales@GetRXd.com) if you dig any of their bars or bumpers.

Finances a Plus – Let’s Go Tax Return Seasonfinances-money

Earlier in this article we alluded to the question, “Are you looking to get a quick set and it doesn’t matter if they last 6 months or a year?” And here we will explain a bit more to that question.

Everyone has their own budget, and sometimes that budget can be really tight. Buy bumper plates and an Olympic bar should not be looked at as a whimsical purchase, unless your budget allows for such purchases. For most, such an expensive buy should be thought out and budgeted for.

What does your budget dictate? Need to save for a few months before making the purchase?

This time frame where one can plan and budget should not be taken lightly. Say you say the ( mention set above) for ( not so expensive price), and you figured with your income and without going into debt, you could save for 2 months to be able to afford this purchase. Great! (I applaud someone for such patience and dedication.) However, if you find in month 2 that you are about to have enough money but ‘really, really, really want that (mention another set)’ after much research and thought, I would urge you to save a little longer and make that purchase.

Another thought on budgeting is that maybe you can afford the barbell and a cheap bumper set, a set they may break down sooner rather than later. And possibly your budget in 6 months to a year, will allow you to buy an ‘upgraded’ set of bumpers. Then go for the cheap set and get to work! Work on your technique, work on the ins and outs of certain lifts that bumper plates allow for. Then by the time you get to your nice, new, expensive set, you won’t be wasting your money by wasting your time. You would have used your time and money wisely in this situation.

A couple thoughts to leave you with here:

  • There is more than one type of Olympic bar and weight set.
    • Many variations exist. Do your research
  • Choose bumper plates, best investment one can make for their health!


    • The price might seem higher in the beginning, but with a little patience and a little planning, you will reap a reward greater than if you did not.

Also, if you didn’t see something you wanted, like a bar & plate pairring, from any of these sites, reach out and contact their customer support. Some of these sites, and sites not mentioned, are more than willing to put a package together for their customers. Nothing like buying your loyalty sometimes.


Any thoughts? Any opinions on different Olympic bar and weight sets? Maybe you’ve had enough experiences to have your “go to” set. Let us know below!




One thought on “Olympic Bar And Weight Set – A Match Made in the Gym!

  1. I only have a 10kg at the moment but as i’m beginning to train more and add more weight, I feel as if I need a heavier bar.

    Luckily you provided some great packages, which are also quite affordable and add a ton of value!

    Thanks for the great article i’ll share it around:)

    1. Jeremy, thanks for the praise, love it man! A word of wisdom here, take your time when learning these Olympic lifts. Yes you can “learn” what they are and how to do them, pretty quickly, but as your weight on the bar increases TECHNIQUE is going to be your absolute saving grace. Take your time and stay strong in your training and you’ll be at those higher weights before you know it.

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